Q: Will the structure withstand strong winds?
A: The roof systems are main force resisting systems. Components and cladding are in compliance with the 2007 Florida Building Code which typically meets or exceeds other states requirements. Such pedestrian walkway anchoring systems must be designed using loads for components and cladding. Our earth anchoring system is specific to the wind load requirements of local code. ( See Specification )
Q: How long will the shelter last?A: The components are made of top quality structural steel. They have undergone an extensive scientifically controlled salt spray test. An independent laboratory terminated the test after 3000 hours of exposure concluding no significant creep age or deterioration.

Q: Does your structure come with a warranty?
A: We take pride in manufacturing the best quality products delivered to the consumer. From start to finish, our sales and manufacturing process is completely focused on the satisfaction of our customer. Our quality control insures a quality product when it leaves our plant, and we back it all with a 10 year guarantee.

Q: What does mobile mean?
A: No, We are not talking about an escalator. Our covered pedestrian walkway system has been designed to be securely placed in one space but completely relocated to another space in a matter of hours. Each modular piece of the walk or the canopy weighs less than 150 pounds and can be reconfigured, if needed. A good example: Mobile classrooms being moved from one school to another. Until now, poured concrete was the only option. Problem solved!

Q: If there is no poured concrete, how is the system anchored?
A: We use a unique “duck bill” anchoring system that Is driven to a depth not less than 42 inches. The soil type dictates the depth. ( See Specification )

Q: How long will it take to erect?
A: No matter how easy or difficult the site access is, we are completely modular. A five man crew can complete approximately 100 feet of covered pedestrian walkway per day. (weather permitting)

Q: Is lighting available?
A: Yes. Lighting is available. Keep In mind, solar lighting is the only modular or mobile approach.