Applications and Services:

  • Walkway Cover
  • Temporary Pedestrian Walkway Cover
  • Elevated Walkways
  • Construction Walkway Cover
  • Hospital Walkway Cover
  • MRI Canopy and walkway cover
  • School Canopy
  • Military and Federal projects (we are 100% Green and NON-Combustible!)
  • Rental Canopy and Rental Temporary Walkway
  • ADA Ramps and ADA Walkway Cover
  • Design Services for all above
  • Relocation services for all above


  • Easily “Relocatable” but Is also a Solid Permanent Structure – If you’re relocating classrooms, consider taking the covered pedestrian walkway with it. Take advantage of the flexibility and the ability to reuse the product.
  • Cost Effective – As beautiful and effective as any system, yet priced competitively with so many more benefits.
  • Rental Product – Don’t have the revenue but need the safety and protection: RENT IT! For a fraction of the price, rent it then we will remove it when you are finished with it.
  • 100% GREEN and NON Combustible – Our product is used and then rented out again so no need to have waste. When the product has met its life-cycle it can be 100% recycled. ZERO waste from our products.
  • Installs Quickly and Ready for Immediate Use – In less time than it takes for concrete to dry, you can have a full walkway system ready for immediate use. No forms to be built, no concrete to be poured, no watching concrete dry.
  • No Heavy Equipment Damage to Grounds – We understand how hard you work to maintain grounds and campus beauty. With our modular concept, heavy, damaging equipment (forklifts, cranes, etc.) is not necessary. We do not need concrete footers for our product. Our patented anchor system allows for same day installation.
  • No Future Concrete Demolition – Just easily move our system or have us pick it up.
  • Design Eliminates Water Erosion – The “U” shaped roof panels allow for a uniform drip line and eliminates the funneling and concentration of water through a gutter system.
  • “Turn key” – From the moment you call our design/build team, you will have a complete turnkey operation. No matter if you are ordering from stock or a complete customized covered pedestrian walkway, your complete satisfaction is guaranteed from design through Installation.
  • Safety – Tired of the weather? Give us a few hours. We’ll change it. Stop worrying about employee, student, or pedestrian safety. Let us solve it for you. Just give us a call.
  • 20 Year Warranty on our products


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